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Sacred Life

Therapies for Mind, Body & Spirit



With Heartstar Wholebeing/Jane Prescott

Jane supports empathic, intuitive, sensitive souls, starseeds and lightworkers. Shiatsu and Meridian Massage amplify your natural self-healing process so you can: feel the relief of physically functioning with more ease and less pain; clear away deep emotions, shock or trauma; learn the hidden wisdom in your challenging situations; rebalance hormone and sleep cycles; revitalise the free flow of your life-force energy; receive visionary guidance and/or wellbeing lifestyle information.

Check out her link for prices and more information:

Stacey Smith

Health & Well-Being Coach and Trainer


Stacey Smith is a Health & Well-Being Coach and Trainer who has dedicated the last 21 years to improving the health and well-being of people from all walks of life. For 12 years she has been an Advanced Practitioner in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to help people to make changes to their lives by balancing their emotions, thoughts, and behaviours to feel more confident, focused, and motivated.

Her specialism is addiction recovery and supporting people to make positive changes to their habits. Stacey has worked offering one to one sessions, groups, and courses within community organisations across the West Midlands, speaks at events, and has trained staff teams across the health and social care and criminal justice sectors.

In her real life she loves good food, heavy music, the great outdoors and travelling with her partner and young daughter in their campervan.

[email protected]